December 1, 2021

Black Slate Mosiac

Black Slate Mosiac is a slate displaying a blend of black, blue and grey tones. Black slate comes in tiles of perfect dimensions. The variation in Black Slate is primarily in the ratio of charcoal to blacks; it can be rare to find pieces that are all black. Black Slate is an exterior, commercial grade slate that can easily withstand harsh weathers all over the world. Black Slate honed has such a beautiful and captivating look that it appears as if charcoal and grey clouds are spread all over the surface of the stone that don't really look like anything most people have seen before. The Honed as well as natural surface is silky smooth to touch. The honed surface can be sensitive to abrasion and can show white marks when scratched. As such it is best suited as a wall tile (backsplash, fireplace, features, etc.) or bathroom floors. The Black slate colour is stunning in appearance yet very practical. Slate can be used in any number of different ways in the interiors & landscape environment Slate is used not just as roofs and floors, slates are used as wall claddings, countertops, staircase and many other décor choices. Thermal resistance and chemical inertness makes the stone very popular and gives it a lofty place in the décor domain. Slate is also used as table coasters & fountains.

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