Design Your Stone

Design Your Stone

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology has made its mark on stone design and fabrication, providing numerous benefits to those who take advantage of its capabilities. With computers controlling the machines, stone fabricators produce intricate inspiring creations with exact precision once thought impossible or too costly to achieve. As a result, architects and designers are expanding their creative limits and experiencing many benefits, including:

  • Increased freedom of design
  • Control of the design concept from development through fabrication
  • Quality control
  • Accuracy of stone shaping and the final fit and finish

Stone components such as granite and marble are often used in the construction process within a building and therefore they are regarded as important building material for any kind of commercial, residential or public property. The stones can be cut and shaped into attractive and functional elements within a building and this is why they are always revered for their distinct looks.

When it comes to creating beautiful decorative pieces, stones of various types are used extensively all over the world. Stones like granite and marble can be easily cut and shaped into different types of finished products with beautiful and ornate designs. However, unlike wooden samples, stones are rather hard in their structure and so they need special cutting tools that can help bring them to shape, it is exactly the reason that 3D stone carving machines are used. A 3D stone carving machine is a specialised machine that is used for creating 3D designs on stone by cutting and chipping them so as to create definite shapes.

The 3D stone carving machines are driven by computers which is why they are also referred as CNC stone engraving machines. These machines can be used for easily working with various types of stones like marble, granite, tombstone, artificial stone and ceramic tiles. The efficiency and used friendliness of these machines makes it possible for experts to give shape to different types of hard surfaces. The main function for which these machines are used includes carving, cutting, engraving and polishing which in terns help in crafting a wide range of products.

Whether you are looking to work on natural stones like marble, granite and sandstone or artificial stone, you can rely on us for providing you accurate results every time. This can definitely help you to improve the prospect of your business in a major way.

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