December 1, 2021

Indian Autumn Rustic Slate

Indian Autumn Rustic Slate is also a slate obtained from the same quarry as Indian Autumn however its colour is a little different from the regular Indian Autumn slate. Indian Autumn Rustic slate has a dark grey base with beige & occasional rust markings on it. Indian Autumn Rustic slate feels smooth to the touch but has a visually pleasing texture. Indian Autumn Rustic slate is largely used for interiors & exterior wall claddings. Indian Autumn Rustic Slate used for flooring is as it is quarried from the earth - chemical free and therefore allergy free. Best of all - it won't burn! Slate has become the building product of choice in fire prone areas because it is non-combustible and free of nasty odours. Slate is a timeless flooring material that is undergoing resurgence in popularity because of the vivid colours & texture it exhibits along with its excellent thermal resistance and durability.

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