December 1, 2021

K.K White Slate

K.K White Slate is a silvery white pink, beige, white and gold speckle. It has the snowy background with grey markings of flakes and spots' being a natural product, colour variation from piece to piece is unavoidable. Besides strength quartz crystals give slate stone a rare glow and a natural sheen exclusive to KK White. KK White slate is an extremely hard, multi coloured, quartzite slate. Its colour range is predominately creams, rusts, and light greys. KK White Slate has a nice "rocky" texture which feels wonderfully invigorating on the feet without being uncomfortable. As such, it's suited wonderfully in almost any surroundings. The natural sheen of KK White can bring any wall / floor to life with its vibrant colours. The vibrant colours and unique texture of KK White make it appropriate for interior as well as exterior applications.

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