December 1, 2021

Lilac Slate

Lilac Slate is a favourite of home-builder for its very soft texture & is ideal for creating a light rustic look. Lilac slate you can think of this slate as a light sand/lime colour with varying amounts of reddish oxidation on the surface. Since Butterscotch is a softer slate, it is not suitable for exterior applications. Lovers of beauty favour Lilac slate, a stone so beautiful that it would keep you both enchanted and enthralled for a lifetime. When Pink is Pure the beauty that it generates and spreads is inimitable. Lilac slate can transform any of your surroundings to both absolutely heavenly and tranquil. Lilac Slate has light and dark shades of pink colour and its true beauty is revealed, after it is honed. The inner waves and patterns of pink colour that comes out from within the context are aesthetically appealing.

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