December 1, 2021

Multi Pink Slate

Multi Pink Slate also popularly called as Kashmir Multicolour slate is primarily a light Grey slate with subtle pink swirls / wave that swoosh across its surface. It also occasionally has 'sun spots', round areas of red or yellow pigment that are part of its natural variation. Multi Pink Slate is a range of slate, which is analogous to Pure Pink and the lone difference is the mixture of grey and pink colours on the context. The whirls and waves of the grey and pink coloured patterns give it an individual look. Highly suitable for contributing a rich and elegant look to any interior and exterior decors, this Multi Pink Slate Stone has the features of subtle colour and superb surface finish. This attractive piece of Multi Pink Slate offers a visual treat to the onlookers. Multi Pink Slate slabs / tiles carry with it beautiful colour, smooth texture and perfect finish which give it a royal touch. Such tiles are an epitome of elegance and sophistication and are ideal to be used for flooring and countertops.

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