December 1, 2021

Raja Red Slate

Raja Red Slate is a unique slate displaying exclusive features. It carries colours such as greys, golden, reds, soil colour and other vibrant colours Raja Red Slate upon honing exposes the beautiful three dimensional structure of exclusive waves structure that can leave any designer wide eyed and the application where it is used can never get unnoticed. Raja Red has a beauty in it that is unparalleled. Raja Red creates a royal elegance and of course ambience. Raja Red slate has an inherent potential to transform your surroundings into something absolutely and mind blowing & beautiful. Using natural stone shows that you take responsibility to care for the earth by actively striving to preserve, restore or improve the natural environment. Throughout history, natural stone has been the premier building material all over the world. Its timeless elegance of Raja Red Slate and lasting durability made it ideal in countless applications for European, Egyptian and Asian royalty. Even today, natural stone preserves the legacies of kingdoms, families, businesses, and nations.

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