Semi Precious Stone & Handicraft

Semi Precious Stone & Handicrafts

“A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials” – Chinese proverb.

Beside throwing a major life lesson of preservence, gemstones has never failed to amaze us. Their unmatched allure and various astrological and healing benefits have put them on the most sought after list in the jewelry industry. Having stolen hues from rainbows and sparkle from the crystals, gemstone have captured fancy and desires of men and women for ages. The chase of gems has become the subject of legends, fairy tales and epics.

Semi-precious stones are in huge demand lately due to various economic factors like macro- market influences, shifting ethnic influences and preference for style over sentiments. Designer all over the globe are using colored stone in jewelry for various reasons like the uniqueness, aesthetics and current trends. Each color has a story to tell. Each color symbolizes differently, like red stone symbolize the heart and thus love and zest for life, while ruby comes to mind first with the red there are other beautiful stones which one can consider like red tourmaline or red garnets. Green symbolizes balance and continuity. One has an option to pick emeralds, green garnets, green aventurine or jade. For blue which implies spirituality and purity one can use lapis lazuli, aqua marine and many more.

Semi-precious gemstones are the versatile solution for edgy styling, provide therapeutic and healing assistance, rich in tradition and have astrological importance. They, for sure, can be termed as master stones considering the qualities they possess.

We are exporter and supplier of semi-precious stones and handicrafts, we deal in 100% genuine stone and supply them in wholesale all around the world. You can contact us for your any requirement, we can even customize products according to your need and designs handicrafts can be made in different stones as per your desire. Below in our catalogue you can find a gist of few of the items we deal in there are many more for you to discover.