Stone Handicraft

Stone Handicraft

India has always been proud of its rich cultural heritage. Stone craft is one of the various art forms that have made the nation proud on many occasions. Excavations of stone crafts of even the very ancient era look equally refreshing. Best part is that the nation has still kept the incredible art form alive. Passion for stone crafts is pretty evident through the temples of here. Temples across the nation, specifically at eastern India states like Odisha and in South India represent wonders of stone craftsmanship.

When it comes about stone crafts, Rajasthan has always been a frontrunner. Specifically, it is been the biggest hubs for marble crafts. The state is rich with marble stones, which thoroughly compensates the void of wood crafts. Here specialist groups of people available meant for stone cutting itself, by the demand of the design. This tells clearly about the precision at which the craftsmen address the things to make it look the most enchanting.

Jaisalmer marble stone crafts enjoy huge demands, even from across the border.

Stone carving is one of the splendid handicrafts that make India unique around the globe.

We are presenting here the most admirable collection of Indian Stone articles, statues and Indian stone sculptures. Each piece of the stone article is a creative expression characterized by exotic style, design and flawless finish. The unique base and texture of Indian stone adds a new dimension to our collection of decorative Indian stone articles.

We are exporter of Indian stone decorative and accessories, Indian stone animal statues, black stone column, Indian stone marble flower pots, Indian stone fountains, Indian stone furniture, Indian stone garden ornaments, Natural stone articles, Stone carving work, Marble inlay tops, Sand stone pillars and columns, Temples etc. We also supply products as per buyer’s requirements.

Our Artisans ...

We procure our handicrafts directly from specialised artisans providing the live hood and better profit margins to them. All our artisans are highly skilled and creative. Bringing life to stones.