December 1, 2021

Yellow Rustic Slate

Yellow Rustic Slate is also a slate obtained from the same quarry as Tera Yellow however its colour is a little different from the regular Tera Yellow slate. Yellow Rustic slate has a light Yellow base with rust markings on its surface caused by reddish brown oxidation of the surface. Yellow Rustic is ideal for creating a light rustic look to your home / office. Yellow Rustic is one of the most colourful and vibrant slate thus any installation of Yellow Rustic slate shall give a warm & fully alive feel to it. Its timeless elegance and lasting durability made it ideal in countless applications for European, Egyptian and Asian royalty. Yellow Rustic Slate floors are tough, safe even when wet and easily maintained Yellow Rustic Slate's appealing qualities in public entertaining areas such as hotels, restaurants and outdoor eating areas are simply amazing.

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